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Sons of typhon Ranks and Progression
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Joined: 10th Aug 2013
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20th Sep 2013


This Topic Is about Merc Corp Ranks and how you as a player can progress through them.
(Mech battalion Ranks are seperate from Merc Ranks)

The Ranks
Rank Structures
-    Mech Recruit
-    Mechwarrior
-    Veteran Mechwarrior
-    Elite Mechwarrior

Exotic Rank Structures
-    Specialist ( Lights or Brawler ETC)
-    Master (Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault)
-    Council of Typhon (CoT)


Mech ‘Recruit’ (rank 1) - A member who is recently inducted to the SoT earns the title of Mech Recruit. These members should be encouraged to strive to increase their skill in piloting. Berating and abusing will not be tolerated with members that are just trying to learn and become a valuable member of  SoT.

Note - Mech Recruits Will Not be Designated to a Merc battalion until they have been advanced to Mechwarrior status or in the case of skilled recruits they will received Mechwarrior status upon acceptance into a battalion.

Mech Warrior (rank 2) – For a ‘recruit’ to advance in rank to Mech Warrior, the Recruit is required to have 3 mech’s completed to ‘basic’ unlock in the pilot tree. And will be required to answer a basic questionnaire as such-

Advantage/Restrictions of the following-

- XL vs. STD engines
- STD vs. Double Heat Sinks
- In game effect of ECM (does not need be in detail just minimal required to know the affect on radar)
- the purpose of TAG.
- Basic knowledge of Ghost Heat.

A Mech Warrior is considered a competent mech pilot, capable of fighting alongside higher rank members and contributing in tactical combat i.e., listening to orders. A mech warrior is also considered to behave in a mature manners and respectful of other members.

Veteran Mechwarrior (Rank 3)- For a Mechwarrior to become a Veteran Mechwarrior, the member must have achieved 3 mech’s to elite status. Upon achieving this, the member must then be nominated by an Elite or higher member of SoT. The member should inform the Master of Logistics that they now have the pre requisites and go into combat with the higher ranked member.

Note- To encourage a high level of skill, the member should not be promoted after 1 round, but minimal 3 consistent round. Although extreme cases could occur, such as a round were the Mechwarrior under review performs above and beyond.

A Veteran is considered to be skilled in one particular aspect of combat, and can be called upon to assist lower ranking members in training them to a higher standard (Mentor) the As of yet Unnamed Recruit/Casual Battalion.

Elite Mechwarrior (Rank 4)- To obtain the status of Elite, the Veteran Mechwarrior must obtain a total of 9 (3 groups of 3) Mech’s Elite in the Pilot Tree, the mech’s must also be different weight classes, so having a centurion, Hunchback and Raven all elite is not sufficient.

The Member will then be Nominated by 2 Rank 4's or 1 Council member (CoT, see Exotic Rank).

An Elite Mechwarrior can be considered more skilled in combat than a Veteran Mechwarrior pilot for 2 reasons;

Firstly- Due to there extensive amount of mech’s completed Elite; they are capable of dropping into any lance, of any build and operate effectively.

Secondly- Due to piloting multiple mech types the Elite Mechwarrior would on average have a better feel when combating the different weight types and quick strategies on the fly to combat difficult situations.

Note - This is the Desired Rank for anyone Looking to Apply for Battalion leader Status or Battalion lieutenant.

Specialist – Rank 3 Skill based Rank. A Specialist is a skill based rank obtained/ given to a Veteran Mechwarrior of the SoT that have shown Skill beyond there rank. This rank is reserved for those members who have not shown the desire to obtain Elite Mechwarrior.

To obtain it the member bust be nominated by there Lance and Put forward to the CoT. The member will then run with a delegate of the CoT to test the members Skills.

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Joined: 10th Aug 2013
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20th Sep 2013

Weight Master (Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault).

*Only to be implemented when Private matches are introduced*

A Master pilot is considered the highest skill based rank a member can achieve in the SoT. There will only ever be one at any time 4 Master pilots, 1 of each weight class.

Any member can challenge for the Current Master for the titles.
There are then 3 challenges that will occur.

1 vs. 1
2 vs. 2
4 vs. 4 or 3 vs. 3 (decide at a later date, probably 3v3 due to small numbers at the current time)

The reason why we are introducing the three different game types is to prove that not only are the members the best 1 on 1 mech pilots, but capable to fulfill the role as leader, and strategist.

There are restrictions in place when choosing you’re the team. Such as-

Members must be equal rank on opposing teams. Lance drop must be as close to same weight tonnage as possible. A 5 to 10? Ton limitation is acceptable. *10 tons seems too much, up for discussion*

The only other requirement is that each member is to inform what the mech’s they and their lance are running. (Nil data on weapon load out is required).

A member who has obtained a Master title cannot officially challenge another member. A member can only have one title per person.

The Council of Typhon - This is a Rank Given by the Merc corp Leader to a member of his Choice. The max Number of Council members allowed is 4 and each member will be Expected to fulfill a particular Role in the Council.

There 4 different roles are as follows-
- Master of logistics
- Master of mechs
- Master of strategy
- Master of recruits

Hero Program - This program is designed to give credit to feats done by players in mechwarrior that are considered extremely awesome. Players will be recommended and if accepted will Receive a Cool Title that they alone can have. an Example would be Razor May be Piloting an Atlas and Survive an entire match with no weapons but still be a more effective member then any other player that match. we would then Know razor as Razor, The Unstoppable Force or something to that effect.

Merit Based Ranking - Not Everyone is going to Have the ability to Purchased Lots of mech to would be required to reach Elite mechwarrior rank. In this case Dedication and merit can also achieve this rank.



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