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Trebuchet - The Frontline Skirmisher.
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Budski in his Trebuchet is a god, I wish to Grovel at his feet and give him my First born!!!

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8th Sep 2013

Trebuchet - The Frontline Skirmisher.

Overview - The Trebuchet is a 50 Tonne Mainline medium Mech with all the Traits that make the Medium mech such a Deadly Force on the Battlefield.

Weapons -The Trebuchet Load-outs Mainly Consist of a Good combination of Missile and Laser Type Weapons with the Trebuchet-7k being the only Variant with Ballistic Slots.

Pros - High Speed
- High maneuverability
- Medium armor
- one of the only Two Mediums to have Jet Pack Variants.
- Great for Brawling/Skirmishing and Frontline Support Roles.

- lacks the Tonnage for Ammunition.
- Large Missile Bays which Without Artemis Cause missile to spread Over the Target Mech rather then one Central Point
- Lasers are Mostly Located on the arms which at Close ranges can Cause bad weapon convergence on your Target Location.
- Compared to Other Mediums has a Block/semi big hit box. 

Variants -


Suggested Build -
Engine - XL 320
Armor - 338/Max Ferro Fibrous
Heat sinks - 13xDbl Heatsinks
Structure - Endo-steel
Weapons -
 3x Med pulse laser
 2x Srm 6 with 2x ammo
 Anti missile System with 1xammo
 1x C.A.S.E
Jump Jets - N/A

Tactics - The Trebuchet 5N is the Most Basic of the Trebuchets and Therefor Excels the Most at the Front line Skirmisher Role. Speed and brutality is what you want with this mech. Begin the battle by Staying With/Behind the Main battleline and allow the Enemy To Close in. Then once they are Close enough Push into them and use the Trebuchets maneuverability to Cause Chaos & Confusion While Laying Down A lot of Hurt on the enemy. you are not a Tank so Standing Still or overheating is Not an Option. The Brutality of this tactic Will allow your Team to Gain Dominance over the enemy as they are Still Trying to come to Terms with what has happened.


Suggested Build
Engine - XL 300
Armor - 320 Standard armor
Heat sinks - 13xDbl Heatsinks
Structure - Endo-steel
Weapons -
 2x Large laser
 1x Srm 6 with 2x ammo
 2x machine gun 1xammo
 Anti missile System with 1xammo
 1x C.A.S.E
Jump Jets - N/A

Tactics -The Trebuchet 7k Does not Operate as well in the Brawler/Skirmisher Type as the other Variants, Instead it works better in a Front line Fighter type Role. Begin the battle With The Assault and heavy Class mechs on the Front line, With its two at a Time Missile bays and laser/Ballistic Weapons it is better at pinpoint Damage. Move with the group Singling out medium/heavy Mechs and Taking there armor out with your Lasers/Missiles and Finally use your Machine Guns to Finish there Internals, Being a medium you can Take out Anyone who Bugs out of the fight which the Heavies and Assaults are to Slow to stop. This Variant shows Exactly what the Medium mech was Made for.
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