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What a mechwarrior needs to know
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18th Sep 2013

This guide has been set up to explain some of the details that some people may or may not know about Mechwarrior. It is not a tutorial on how to play and I will not be explaining basic details about the damage, range and so on in this tutorial or unless it is a very important aspect of the game. If the players want to know, In the mechlab when designing mechs, there are stats for people to see or check out MWO wiki for other minor details.

Handy links
- http://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab - Essentially a free version of mechlab to mess around in and in depth details of other things.
http://mwo.gamepedia.com/ ... Main_Page - An easy layout to navigate each Battlemech , weapons and so on.

The basics

Each Mechwarrior pilot needs to know about
- Weapon hardpoints - which are determined by the mech variant chosen and mech types.
-Hp and Armour, Damage locations and Critical slots.
-Heat sinks
-pilot XP
-Ghost heat and chain linking

Handy tips

-Mechwarrior credits (MC) is the premium currency where you can buy colours, buy some modules parts instead of cbills, Mech bays and premium time. Premium time boosts cbill gain and Mech XP(as well general XP) by 50%
-in most Mechs, any weapons in the arm can move any direction. Some mech arms are locked to the torso where you can only move up and down and sidewards by moving the torso.
weapons in torso can fire up or down, it can move slightly to the sides but mainly move sidewards by torso twisting.

- 3rd person view(3pv) and 1st person view(1pv) can be toggled by pressing f4. 3pv is restricted to arms lock and a red flashing drone to behind you which gives the enemy sight of the players location.

-The cursor. When the little circle in the middle goes red after your weapon hits a mech, this acknowledges that the damage has been registered. On faster mechs, you may have to aim a little ahead of the mech direction to get the damage to register if shooting it directly does not register any damage.

-Mobility- The angle of the hills will decrease the speed or may completely stop the mech from walking over. The generalised rule to this statement is.. the heavier the mech, the less mobility and likely chance of the mech will overcome the hill.

-Icons labeled on mechs- ECM, TAG, NARC, Low signal and so on. Understand the icons(some explained later in guide)

-Targeting , while pressing default key [R] , it will target closest mech to the cursor, assuming that you have not already targeted beforehand or recently. While a mech is targeted and information has been gathered to show the details of the mech, data is shared to other players instantly if they also target the mech.

-Weapon grouping- toggle weapon groups to separate firing  or to avoid ghost heat(Under ghost heat). the player can take effect by moving  the weapon to certain numbers by arrow keys and to toggle is by default,[Left CTRL].

The first important thing to note is understanding weapons.
There are 3 weapon groups
- Lasers
- Missiles

Lasers category
- in the Lasers category, they can deal damage up to double their optimum range. (listed on bottom right corner while in game) While firing a weapon within the optimum range, it will apply Full damage.

There are 4 types
-lasers, essentially a hit scan weapon. if you miss, u can still correct to apply some damage. Extra range( ER) lasers have more range but adds an addition to heat to compensate.

-PPC's - PPC is a single burst of damage weapon . Regular ppc's have a minimum range where it will not do damage under 90m. ER(extra range) PPC Does not have this minimum range and also has an increased range. the downside is an considerable amount more heat for the same damage. All PPC's also have a ECM effect on the person targeted .

-Pulse lasers, A slightly more higher damage and shorter duration of a laser. downside is less range and a bit more heat.

-Flamer- Heats the targeted mech up to a maximum of 90% and bonus damage to internals where there is no armour covering it.

- Ballistics can deal damage up to 3 times their optimum range. While firing a weapon within the optimum range, it will apply Full damage.
there are 4 types
-Auto cannon(AC) - regular (AC) and also the ultra (AC) do single burst of damage to a location. The uniqueness of the ultra (AC) is the player can double click the ultra (AC) to fire an extra shot , but it has a chance to jam the weapon which renders the weapon unusable for a short duration. 
AC20 is currently the highest  single burst damage of 20.
The higher the AC, the better the cockpit shake.

-LB 10-x Auto cannon- a shotgun effect weapon which each pellet does a certain amount of damage. When this weapon fires to an un-armoured location, it deals double damage to the location.

-Gauss- 2nd highest single burst damage weapon of 15 damage and great range. downside is extremely heavy to run. Gauss rifles have to be charged up(holding down left click) then wait 1.25second, then release to fire. After holding down for 1.25 seconds, you must fire it within 2.5 seconds to shoot. Gauss ammo does not explode, instead the gun has a chance of exploding.

-Machine guns- pretty weak to armoured targets, but it can deal great damage to unarmoured locations on mechs and do great critical slot damage.

LRMS(long range missiles)
There are three types of missiles
- SRM'S(short range missiles)
- LRM'S(long range missiles)
- Streak SRM's
LRMS have a unique style of how it works compared to other weapons.
LRM'S have a minimum range of 180m where if fired under, it will do 0 damage and a max range of 1000. They will not do damage over 1000M. The yellow spinning cursor while targeting a mech means it is locking on, and a red centre means it has full lock on.  When the LRMS are fired under locked on, it will follow to the target. If the lock has been lost while missiles have been fired, they will go to the last known location where the lock was lost.
LRMS can be fired without a lock-on and will target to the location where the cursor is aimed at. LRMS have two different flight paths when fired direct LOS(line of sight) with Artemis and indirect line of sight. The missile trajectory while under direct LOS with an artemis system will fire the missiles at a higher angle and it will arc downwards at a greater angle. While under enemy ECM, It will jam your missiles system so it will not follow to the target.
Things that can benefit LRM locking is

- Beagle Active Probe (equipment) - nullifies ECM jamming your missiles system which stop lock ons.

-Tag (Weapon)while targeted, Missile tightening and 50% reducing lock-on times.  25% decay time.

It also has a flight trajectory like directed LOS fire with Artemis even without the player needing sight. It also negates ECM on targeted. If currently equipped and using under enemy ECM, Tag will be negated.

-NARC(currently not as effective)
-Artemis(upgrade) While in line of sight, an improved flight path( more height then swings down), 50% tightening and reduction to lock on times

There are stacking effects to
-TAG + Artemis with (LOS), which will result to a final of 75% missile tightening and target decay lock on.

-TAG + NARC , which will result to a final of 75% missile tightening and target decay lock on.
SRMS Have no minimum range but a max range of 270m which after this range will explode for 0 damage.
Things that can benefit SRM's

-Artemis(equipment) tightens the missile volley spread by 34%.

Streak SRM's
Has a LRM style locking on.
It must have lock on to fire.
Now that I have talked about all the weapons, There is an important system that the player must take account after learning the weapons. This is what people may call Ghost Heat and Chain Linking.

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Last Edit: 18th Sep 2013 by Triton X
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18th Sep 2013

Ghost heat

 Firing multiple weapons of same weapon categories can create additional heat. If you are wondering why the heat scale is jumping, this is the cause. These are the maximums amount of weapons that can be fired before ghost heat takes effect . To avoid ghost heat, firing one weapon then wait 0.5 seconds then fire again.
AC 20                                                                                                         x1                                  
AC2                                                                                                           x 3
Any SRM 4  or SRM 6(exclude srm2)                                                                 x 3                                          
Any LRM's (Excluding 5)                                                                                 x 2
Any ER, Pulse or Large category                                                                      x 2
Any PPC or ER PPC                                                                                        x 2
Streak SRM 2                                                                                              x 4
Medium laser                                                                                               x 6

Chain Linking - I have basically included in the ghost heat but there is an important change to note on top of Ghost Heat.

Chain Linking is using either weapons in the same category as described as above which will also apply bonus heat on the higher multiplier. So if you have 2 LRM 10's and 1 LRM 20 and alpha'ed, it will act like 3 LRM 20 and apply that multiplier of ghost heat which then create more heat. The higher the weapon class and the more the player alpha's, the bigger the multiplier of heat.

Hit points (HP), Critical slots, Armour and damage locations.
Each part of a mech has HP and armour. When the section has been destroyed, all of the components in  that section is also destroyed.
The mechs HP is equivalent to the max armour so if a mech has a maximum of 50 armour in the location, it will have 50 hp as well. If you lose your side torso, the arm that is attached to the side torso will also be destroyed.

Armour is more important than hp because it does not just only act as more additional HP, but it serves to protect components such as weapons/heat sinks/equipment within the mech. once the armour is off, they can destroy the components inside.
This leads to the discussion of critical slots
To find what are the Critical slots, go to the Mech Lab and press load outs. Each components that are inside take critical slots that can be destroyed. Each weapon, equipment and so on has HP. Each time  the components take damage(random chance of any critical slot, even if unused) and depletes the HP of that component, it will be destroyed.

The higher engine rating on the mech , the more speed it has, But what is not often mentioned much is that it also has an increase on the torso twist speed.

Standard engines only takes 6 critical slots in the middle.
XL engines .. while lighter.. takes 6 critical slots in the middle and 3 in the left and right torso and if a single side torsos get destroyed, the mech dies.

Heat sinks
Improves the maximum capacity and cooling rate.
In each engine, there is a certain amount of heat sinks(HS)pre installed in the engines.

engines rating of - HS installed
 100-120- 4 HS                                                        250 -270 - 10HS
125-145 - 5 HS                                                        275 - 295 - 10+ 1HS
150-170 - 6HS                                                         300 -320 - 10 +2HS
175-195 - 7HS                                                         325 - 345 - 10 +  3HS
200-220 - 8HS                                                         350 - 370 - 10 +4HS
225 -245 - 9HS                                                        375 - 395 - 10 +5HS
250 -270 - 10HS                                                      400           - 10 +6HS 

Engines from 100-250 will need to place a heat sink on the mech to be compatible to run.
With the double Heat sink upgrade, the maximum capacity and cooling rate from the engine heat sinks is doubled . any external heat sinks outside the engine will be multiplied by 1.4 from the standard heat sink. When placing double heatsinks, it will also take 3 critical slots instead of 1 for the same tonnage.

There are currently 4 upgrades to select
-Ferro Fibrous Armour - 14 critical slots
Ferro Fibrous armour does NOT give additional armour. It just currently makes your armour lighter. This is the last upgrade to do if u got additional critical slots and need the extra bit of tonnage.

-Endo Steel - 14 critical slots- reduces weight by 5% , the first upgrade to do for needing additional weight.
-Double heatsinks- Converts all heat sinks to double. Read heat sink guide

-Artemis - 1 critical slot and 1 ton for each missile launcher.

-For LRM'S -While in line of sight, an improved flight path( more height then swings down), 50% tightening and reduction to lock on times

-SRM'S - Missile volley tightening.

-Command console - 1 critical slot, 3 tons
Currently does nothing

-Beagle active probe -2 critical slot, 1.5 tons
Counters 1 ECM within 150m, 25% increased sensor range and decrease target info acquisition time. It also can target powered down mechs within 120m

-Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) 2 Critical slots, 1.5 ton
Only certain mechs are able to carry this equipment. They are listed in the mechwarrior lab under equipment.

There are 2 modes that can be currently toggled by default key (J).
they are and can be seen while equipped in the weapons tab

-Disrupt, On by default- creates a 180m bubble around you which will hide the player and friendly mechs from getting targeted.
For players to be able to target a player under the ECM will have to approach the target within 200m to be able to target.
Under enemy ecm, there will be a low signal bar on the middle far right corner. This will disable targeting equipment such as LRMS and streaks. This also disables targetting sharing within each player
It Takes twice as long to lock on mechs which are hidden under ecm.
Under friendly ECM, There will be a blue oval bubble with a dot in the middle.

-Counter, by optional which can be triggered by pressing [J]key-disables 1ECM in disrupt mode.
To counter ECM, Either Use
- TAG(weapon) to laser a target While outside ECM
-BAG(equipment) negates 1 ECM within 150m.
- Another ECM in Counter mode.
More details and pictures can be found at http://mwo.gamepedia.com/ ... termeasure_%28ECM%29

Jump jets 1- 1 Critical slot and # tonnage dependant on the class
-A mobility advantage or reach inaccessible locations. Jump jets also allow quicker turning while engaged. Right next to the movement bar is a jump jet bar which will drain and recharge.

All mechs have a standard sensor range of 800M within a 120 degree from front of view
Things that can benefit sensors
-360 degree target retention (module).
- Sensor range (module)
-Beagle active probe (equipment)
-Target info gathering (module)
NARC beacon
When you fire a missile at a target which is assumed to hit target, it will keep the enemy spotted. NARC will stay active for 20 seconds or fall off after 35points of damage has been applied. ECM will negate NARC.benefits are
-50% increase lock on and missile tightening
-25% longer for target lock to decay.
Also stacks with TAG or Artemis(check LRM guide above)
CASE - Contains the ammo explosion from spreading to the location where case is installed with the ammo.
Regarding ammo explosion..
- Ammo explosions or component destroyed can occur when a critical slot in the location has been damage. In ammo explosions, This will damage the location and transfer damage towards the center until all damage from the ammo reserve has been applied. Applying a CASE(equipment) will still damage, but contain the damage to the single location of where it has been applied.

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Last Edit: 18th Sep 2013 by Triton X
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18th Sep 2013

Pilot XP
There are two XP types
General XP - An output of 10% XP gained from the total XP u have gained for the round. The player Can also convert Mech XP to general XP by a conversion ratio of 1 MC per 25 XP. Can be used for Mech Tree XP or for Pilot tree for modules

Mech XP- which can be used only for efficiencies for the mech that you have achieved it on.
To unlock elite you must have 3 mechs that have completed the basic.

To unlock master you must have 3 mechs that have completed the Elite.

After unlocking a Efficiencies, you may sell the mech but it will be locked to whatever efficiency the player have unlocked to.
When you have all 3 mechs completed on elite, the basic efficiency will be doubled. This does not apply for Elite when you have completed master on the mech.

These are endgame items. Each mech has a unique amount of module slots. You can gain an addition module slot by completing master efficiency.

To place in a module, you must go to pilot tree and unlock the module then Buy the module that u have unlocked. After it has been bought. click modules and load it up.
After reading this, you will have a good understanding of Mechwarrior and you will understand what each part will do.

Hope this explains
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Last Edit: 18th Sep 2013 by Triton X
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19th Sep 2013

This is great
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9th Oct 2013

TL;DR, I'm kidding, I actually read most of the way through. Good info, glad to see a decent tutorial for new people to the game, now we just need to make a video aaaand voila!
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